Alumnus testimonial

Marie Ammann - Innovation and Technology Trainee

Already when choosing my BSc I realized that one area where innovation will continue to take place is the area of food production. People cannot go without food… Because I had a wide interest in different functions within organizations I continued with MME and specialised in Management & Entrepreneurship.

I have often been involved in StartHub Wageningen activities and have really enjoyed the inspiring number of young entrepreneurs there as well as the events and momentum in this environment.

What is your current job? And how relates that to your study at Wageningen?

“I currently work at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, which harmonizes perfectly with my study background and personal interests. I learn every day and can actively participate in how we make our food system more sustainable, trustworthy, and future proof for Europe. Here I often benefit from my large network from Germany and Holland.”

What are your future goals?

“It is important to me to make a difference with my work and to make the transition to a more sustainable, healthier and at the same time economically viable lifestyle possible for all I see knowledge sharing and learning on an equal footing with all stakeholders as key factors in this field, where I like to be inspired and also inspire others. I want to expand my network and grow my career in this international agri-food sector, which I see as a central pillar in the fight against climate change.”

How did you experience the quality of the education at WUR? What are the reasons that you experienced it like this?

“Since I came from Germany, I had to get used to the close cooperation with the lecturers and the discussions on "eye level" - which I appreciated very much. For my master thesis, I had the opportunity to interview many professors and researchers at WUR and met only helpful and open-minded people who really supported me a lot in my work.”

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