There it is: The first Mayan city. This movie shows you a very special moment in Uxmal. Last Saturday I woke up at 5 to take a bus at 6 in order that I could be the first and only one in the old Mayan city. And so I was. When I entered I immediately walked to the back to climb a temple of which my guide said it would give a nice view.

When  I arrived and had my first walk through the city it was already amazing to be in such an old city with gigantic buildings partly covered by jungle and completely submerged in jungle noises. But then, when I stood on top of the temple it was even more amazing. There was jungle as far as the eyes could reach. I could see glimpses of the Uxmal,  the birds made incredible sounds and I say it again, there was no one for the first half hour. Half an hour later I already knew why I had to come so early because then I heard the first mechanical noises of busses packed with tourist. After another half an hour, it became even more clear, since then the tourists arrived the back of the city where I was. At that moment it was still amazing to walk there and to see an old Mayan city in real, but that first hour on top of the temple I will not forget soon.

Apart from my trip to Uxmal I also have done some other nice things, since I was staying the weekend in a hostel in Merida where I met some travellers. With them I did a kind of pub crawl on Saturday evening. We visited four different places of which the last one was definitely the best one. It was a kind of salsa bar with only Mexicans weigh older than us and with a very warm and humid climate, but with an amazing atmosphere.

Furthermore I visited some cenotes in a place nearby. These are caves with water in it, so it was possible to swim and of course I did that.  It was quite difficult to reach them, since we first had to take a bus, then a motor taxi and then a kind of horse wagon, but it was definitely worth it to have that more than welcome afternoon refreshment in this hot climate.