Sinterklaas in Sweden

Far from home, but still faithful to our own traditions, we hosted a Sinterklaas celebration with a group of Dutch people in Lund.

We ended up having all the traditional Sinterklaas traits and maybe even more than we were used to having at home. With all the sweets sent to us by the caring families of the other Dutch students and mine, we gathered an impressive collection of: chocolade pepernoten, chocolade letters, chocolade sint- en pietjes, kruidnoten, pepernoten, zelfs glutenvrije pepernoten, schuimpjes, taaitaai mannetjes, banketstaaf en chocolade munten. Together with a warm glass of hot wine (gluhwijn) we played a traditional 5 December game. Everyone had to bring two small gifts of about 2 euros each and wrap it up. All gifts were thrown into the middle on a pile and throwing the dices decided which gifts were unwrapped and which ones you would take home. We totally got caught up in the game and it became very serious in the end when we entered the last determining minutes. It was a night full of laughing in which we succeeded very well to bring Holland to Sweden for one evening.