About Studium Generale

Studium Generale aims to encourage students and staff to think more critically, more clearly. About science, society and themselves. It seeks to prompt discussion of these subjects and, in so doing, to take the participants beyond the limits of their own disciplines, let them discover new perspectives, and encourage them to examine the ideas they hold.

SG challenges me to think about the topics I did not pay much attention to until now, and helps me express my standpoints in a clearer way when engaging in conversation with other students.

To achieve this, we offer lectures, discussion and workshops. In addition we run the RoomService theatre festival, exhibitions and excursions. Studium Generale also works closely with the Movie W arthouse cinema.

Open Mind Lab

We welcome student collaboration in conceiving and
organizing Studium Generale activities. In the Open Mind Lab, for example. In an Open Mind Lab project, a group of students works on a theme and develops a programme around it. Coached by a Studium Generale staff member, the group might prepare, say, a series of lectures or film screenings followed by an audience discussion.

Certificate Programme

The certificate programme provides further opportunity for students to get more out of their attendance to SG activities and to broaden their academic horizons. As a certificate student, you attend 10 SG activities and reflect on each one by writing a short reflection report or participating in an oral reflection session. During your trajectory, you receive feedback from SG staff. In addition, you complete a personalized reflection assignment. And you practice academic competences and meet other certificate students during certificate workshops regularly organized by SG. Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive a certificate signed by the rector magnificus; a written proof of your broad development.

RoomService Festival

A special occasion in our annual calendar is our RoomService Student Room Festival. In just one evening, about a dozen student rooms are transformed into small and cosy theatres, music clubs and stages to celebrate the arts. In these rooms, short theatre, dance and musical performances are staged. Choose three shows from the programme and bike or walk through Wageningen from performance to performance!

Studium Generale Activities

SG activities are usually conducted in English. English-spoken activities are publicized in English, and Dutch-spoken activities in Dutch. Activities take place in Impulse (building 115, Stippeneng 2), unless indicated otherwise.