Lecturing in English in the International Classroom (e-learning)

Internationalisation provides many interesting new opportunities for students and lecturers but puts new demands on lecturers in terms of language and communication skills. As a committed lecturer, you want to provide the most effective learning experience for all of your students from different backgrounds and cultures without losing your unique voice and energy. Even among experienced lecturers, developing the necessary skills requires insight and careful self-reflection. Lecturing in English in the International Classroom e-learning course aims to do just that by giving you the chance to reflect on your own practice at a time and place of your choosing.

Target group

Lecturing in English in the International Classroom is intended for lecturers who wish to professionalise their teaching and language skills further.

Course level

C1-C2 (CEFR)

Course content

During this course, you reflect on your teaching style and which aspects of your language you can improve. You gain insight into international students’ needs.

This is an e-learning course. This means:

Pre-course Module:

Before you start on the four content modules, you need to make a short film of yourself giving a lecture. Your supervisor will give you advice on your personal learning points based on this.

Module 1 - Getting started

Getting Started focuses on the strategies and language you need to begin lectures effectively and efficiently. In this module, you will also analyse different lecturing styles and review techniques for generating enthusiasm and engagement in your lectures. This module will also highlight grammar and pronunciation issues that need attention and help you further define your personal learning goals.

Module 2 -  Structuring a Lecture & Developing Fluency

Structuring a lecture includes the language you need to communicate the planned structure of the lecture with your students and link concepts into a coherent whole. You will learn how to check whether students fully comprehend the content of your lectures, and how to finish on a strong note. This module also provides more opportunities to work on your specific fluency stumbling blocks and tips on how to make use of voice to gain students’ attention and communicate your message.

Module 3 - Managing Tricky Classroom Situations

This module focuses on some of the most linguistically challenging elements of lecturing.  First you will review the language you need to describe complex data in visuals and figures. The second part focuses on language and strategies you need to answer questions clearly and coherently.  This language development will help you to build the engagement and interaction which your students have with your material.

Module 4 - The international classroom

This module focuses on how attention to language and culture can help foster good relationships within a classroom both between the lecturer and students and among the students themselves. In addition to language, The International Classroom will also give you an introduction to the different communication styles and expectations of students from different cultures. This understanding is vital to create a supportive, welcoming and productive learning environment.

Dates and times

The Academic English course is offered in collaboration with Radboud in'to Languages. More information and registration is through their website.


8-10 hours per module and 4 hours for the introductory module.


You will receive a certificate for the successful completion of the course when you have completed all modules and handed in the assignments.


Regular fee €925,-