Interpretation service

There is so much involved in organising an international seminar or conference, and the spin-off of such an event can mean a lot to you or your organisation. That’s why it is so important to make your foreign guests feel welcome and ensure they can actively participate in discussions in their own language. An interpreter is an absolute must in achieving this. Interpretation services can also be indispensable in interactions such as the property transfer of your house.

We’ll take care of all your interpretation needs, anywhere and at any time, and to or from any language. If needed, we can also supply the necessary equipment.

Simultaneous interpretation

International conferences often work with a simultaneous interpreter. This interpreter translates while the speaker is talking. This prevents attendees from missing out on anything in the conference and allows them to actively participate in panel discussions and work groups.

Consecutive interpretation

A consecutive interpreter is often used in conversations between several participants, such as events, training sessions and press conferences. Whenever a speaker pauses, the interpreter offers a summary of what the speaker has said.

Whispered interpretation

A whisper interpreter is typically used when only certain participants in a conversation require a language interpretation, such as during the property transfer of your house at the notary’s office or during an important consultation at the hospital. The interpreter whispers the translation to the listening participant.

Sign language interpretation

The Wageningen in’to Languages Interpretation Service can also meet your sign language interpretation needs. Our experienced sign language interpreters will ensure that communication flows smoothly. By the way, did you know that we also offer Dutch sign language training?

Other services

If you have a situation that requires an interpreter or language specialist, but you’re not sure of the best solution, please feel free to contact our Interpretation Service. With our abundant experience we can assess your needs to design a fitting solution for your situation.