Research of the Adaptation Physiology group

Research area and mission

Health, welfare and productivity of livestock are shaped by their ability to adapt. The Adaptation Physiology Group (ADP) mission is to improve and facilitate adaptation by development of robust animals in supportive environments. The group focuses on long term effects of early life conditions on adaptive capacity and facilitation of adaptation during critical transition periods.

Research subjects

The focus of the Adaptation Physiology group is on three major determinants of adaptive capacity of animals:

  1. The influence of early life conditions on development of adaptive capacity;
  2. Supplying adequate environmental resources to facilitate adaptation;
  3. Support adaptation to a changing environment (e.g. during critical transition periods).

Impacts of early life conditions and critical transitions in farm animals are studied in terms of impacts on immune system, metabolism, reproduction and behaviour. In addition, ADP focuses on increased use of sensors for measurements of adaptation, and on a sustainable and responsible relationship between humans and animals through its partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Animal Stewardship (CenSAS).

Our main research subjects are: