Education of the Cell Biology and Immunology Group

In our teaching, mucosal and comparative immunology approaches enable students to appreciate the importance of differences in the immune system between animal species and humans during health and disease. Mucosal and Comparative Immunology are thus expected to remain important elements in current and novel biomedical Bachelor and Master programmes of Wageningen University.

BSc programmes for CBI include Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Life Sciences, Animal Sciences, Plant Sciences, Food Technology, Nutrition and Health. MSc programs CBI teaches are Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Life Sciences, Animal Sciences, Nutrition and Health.


The purpose of a thesis is to further develop your ability to analyse and solve a problem in a scientific way. In addition, a thesis serves the objective of obtaining knowledge and insight in a specific area of research.

Once you have chosen a research project, you will start the project with your supervisor. The supervisor is usually a researcher in our group. You will start by writing a research plan, after which you will perform experiments. The project is finalised with a report (MSc thesis) and a final presentation (a colloquium).

Within CBI our research focusses on a number of topics. By doing so we have an internationally well recognized position in veterinary immunology and food allergy research. We have a strong international group of (under)graduate students. This is also of benefit to our students, as their research project is well embedded and it is a good reference regarding future employment.

The main research themes of our laboratory are:

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The MSc internship is a compulsory part of each study programme at Wageningen University. The aim is to gain experience outside our university. Our students have found internships all over the world. Internships abroad are usually found in universities or research institutes, but also Dutch companies offer internships. Are you interested in doing an internship under the supervision of CBI, please have a look at our ‘MSc internship Cell Biology and Immunology’ brightspace page.

Bachelor courses

  • CBI-10306 Cell Biology
  • CBI-10806 Introduction to Cell Biology
  • CBI-20306 Cell Biology and Health
  • CBI-20803 Introduction to Human Immunology

Master courses

  • CBI-30306 Human and Veterinary Immunology
  • CBI-30806 Immunotechnology
  • CBI-50806 Immunomodulation by Food and Feed
  • FCH-21806 Food related allergies and intolerances
  • HAP-31306 Development and Healthy Aging

Visit the Study Handbook website for more detailed information on the courses provided by our group.

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