Education at the Host-Microbe Interactomics Group

HMI provides education and training at the BSc, MSc, PhD level in basic and applied aspects of research on biology of infectious diseases, beneficial host-microbe interactions, and approaches to combating infectious diseases e.g. vaccination and antimicrobials.

Visit the Study Handbook website for more detailed information about the courses offered by the Host-Microbe Interactomics Group.


  • HMI 50306 Microbial Disease mechanisms
  • HMI 50806 Commensal and pathogen host-microbe interactomics in the intestine
  • HMI 20306 Microbiomes and Health

Other courses - in cooperation with other science

  • ADP-22303

  • BPE-35803
  • ENT-51306
  • HAP-22306
  • HAP-31806