Tree Database

The Tree Database has been designed by the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group for students in the study program Forest and Nature Conservation of Wageningen University & Research.

Autecology of tree species

It focuses on tree and shrub species in Dutch woodlands: for 70 species from the temperate zone information is available on factsheets (downloadable as PDF files). The factsheets provide comprehensive information on morphology, (aut)ecology and management. The included images show not only the tree as a whole plant but also in detailed characteristics.


Also tropical tree species will be described. Up till now 20 tropical species factsheets have been described. In the future the database will be extended with more tropical species.

Copyright is retained by the photographers mentioned in the fact sheets The photos can be used for educational purposes, only after written permission of the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group of Wageningen University & Research (contact

Contributors of images