Education at the Hydrology and Environmental Hydraulics Group

Exploring Our Academic Impact

Teaching and research at HWM are closely intertwined. Our teaching is rooted in earth and environmental sciences, with connections to engineering. We use active teaching methods such that students obtain a fundamental understanding and appreciation of the hydrologic system, its component processes and its interactions with atmosphere, soil and biosphere. Students develop analytical, field, laboratory and computer skills, which we practice in the classroom, hands-on tutorials, practicals and student projects.

The Hydrology and Environmental Hydraulics Group is a significant presence within a range of esteemed academic programs. Here's a concise overview:

Bachelor of Science (BSc) minors

  • BSc minor Physical Hydrology and Meteorology: In this minor, you will learn about the fundamental processes in hydrology and meteorology and how to observe then using a range of experimental techniques.
  • BSc minor Living Earth: This minor is an introduction to earth sciences, including soil science, hydrology and meteorology. It focuses on the Earth's surface and the atmospheric boundary layer in which life can exist
  • BSc minor Earth and Biosphere: Like the minor LIving Earth, this minor s an introduction to eartyh sciences including hydrology. With a focus on the Earth's surface and the atmospheric boundary layer in which life can exist.


Master of Science (MSc) Programs

For a detailed listing of courses available within our group, please refer to the downloadable documents below. These resources will provide comprehensive information on the courses you can pursue to further your academic journey with us.


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