CLUE Model: Conversion of Land Use

CLUE development happens in both the IVM (Institute for Environmental Studies) and Wageningen University & Research.

The CLUE Modelling Framework is a dynamic, multi-scale land use and land cover change model

The original idea of the first CLUE model version was made by Tom Veldkamp and Louise Fresco and published in 1996. Later versions were created by, amongst others, Peter Verburg in collaboration with colleagues at Wageningen University & Research and colleagues worldwide.

The different versions of the CLUE model (CLUE, CLUE-CR, CLUE-s, Dyna-CLUE and CLUE-Scanner) are among the most frequently used land use models globally. Applications range from small regions to entire continents. The CLUE model is a flexible, generic land use modeling framework which allows scale and context specific specification for regional applications.

Some specific model versions are distributed as freeware and can be downloaded together with tutorials through the link on the IVM web-site. It is not possible to provide support on the application unless in the context of collaborative projects.