SLM internships and BSc thesis (BIL)

During your BIL internship you will experience the international, interdisciplinary and intercultural nature of the study while working within a professional organization. The internship is highly interwoven with the BSc thesis, for which you collect data during your internship. The BSc
thesis and internship together form the Bachelor Completion.

Here, you will find basic information about your internship and an overview of internship possibilities that staff members could possibly arrange for you. All detailed information and documents needed to prepare the thesis research and internship projects of bachelor’s and master’s students International Land and Water Management can be
found on the BIL/MIL Brightspace.

Your internship is a personal learning experience, and each student has different learning goals and preferences for an internship place. The SLM group offers a wide diversity of internship places, and of course you can also arrange a place at your own preferred host institute yourself!

Orientation and preparation for your internship and BSc thesis

In the second year BIL you will start with orienting yourself on internship
possibilities, and you will start drafting an internship plan and writing a
research proposal. The orientation usually starts after the internship and
thesis market in January and an intake conversation with your study advisor. After this meeting with your study advisor, you will be send to the internship coordinator (Saskia van der Kooij) for further refining your internship plans and to link you to the most suitable supervisor.

On the BIL/MIL portal, you can find the Planning booklet and the BIL
completion Guidelines to see how you can prepare yourself for the bachelor completion.

Finding an internship place that fits your learning goals and personal
preferences is essential in the preparation phase. To get inspired about
possible internships, or perhaps to find your preferred place, you can check the internship possibilities offered by SLM:

Doing the internship & thesis research

You will carry out your internship and the data collection for your BSc
thesis research simultaneously, at the same host institute. The time abroad will be approximately 3,5 months. During this time you will be supervised by a supervisor from your host institute and a supervisor from SLM.


In order to help you in the writing process and in finishing your BSc thesis on time, you can participate in January or June in the YEI-80812 writing sessions. These consist of two assignments that help you improve your writing skills by giving and getting feedback from other students, and – most important – that stimulate you to keep on writing and finishing on time.