De novo meristem formation (Kohlen Group)

My team is interested in unravelling the underlying molecular-physiological mechanisms that control a plants ability to initiate new axes of growth. We aim to integrate transcriptional and metabolomic data to generate a transcriptional metabolomic network.

Not only can such a network be observed over time, we can also use it to identify genes to target for manipulation. For this, we employ a wide range of different molecular, physiological and bioinformatical tools. These tools range from; CRISPR-CAS9 to mass spectrometry and from single cell sequencing to protoplasting and cell sorting (FACS). 

We are regularly looking for new students, both on the level of BSc. and MSc. In my view, a  thesis or internship can best be discussed and tailored to the specific needs of both the student and the research group. Do you find this research interesting? Would you like to contribute to our work and learn some state-of-the-art new techniques? If yes, feel free to drop me a line!