Education of the Laboratory of Phytopathology

We gladly share our passion for understanding interactions between plants and microorganisms, as well as microbial interactions in agricultural ecosystems. We thrive on interacting with bachelor, master and postgraduate students. Their diverse background, enthusiasm and interests strongly motivate the teaching and technical support staff in the department.

Theses and internships

Towards the end of the curriculum, every student will perform at least one major thesis project (within Wageningen University), and in addition either a second (minor) thesis, an internship or a research practice project. Internship and research practice projects are performed outside WU, under guidance of a WU staff member who acts as examiner.

The goal of a thesis project or internship is to train your scientific skills in analysis and problem solving. It gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and insight for a specific area of research.

If you are interested in a thesis project or internship, please contact Sander Schouten or Lotje van der Does once you have an idea of your interests.

Our courses

Course code Course name Period
Thesis rings Phytopathology 1-6
PHP32006 Current Topics in Plant Biotechnology 1
PHP21303 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology Entomology 1
ENT30306 Ecological Aspects of Bio-interactions 1
NEM20806 Basics of Infectious Diseases 1
PHP30806 Molecular Aspects of Bio-interactions 2
CBI10306 Cell Biology I 2
GEN20806 Plant Biotechnology 2
ABG30306 Genomics 2
YBI37806 Frontiers in Biology 3
PHP21803 Plant Pathology and Disease Epidemiology 3
PHP50306 The Magic of Mushroom and Mould Biology 4
ABG30306 Genomics 5
GEN20306 Molecular and Evolutionary Ecology 5
PHP30306 Plant-Microbe Interactions 6
ENT20806 Integrated Pest Management 6
EZO20306 Biology of Invertebrates, Algae and Fungi 6