Research seminars

The research seminars of the Information Technology group aim to integrate the group members, promote their work and create collaboration opportunities by presenting their recent research projects and inviting guests from outside WUR (industry and academia) but also from other groups at WUR. The sparkling research environment facilitates the cross-fertilization of new ideas. The research seminars take place bi-weekly on Monday from 12.00 to 13.00.

Research seminars are an occasion for:

·       Creating synergy among the INF staff members by exchanging ideas on information technology and its recent application in life sciences.

·       PhD candidates, postdocs, juniors and guest researchers, for presenting a research activity that is on the verge of providing results but still requires some additional efforts/inputs.

·       Presenting works that have recently been published, presented at a conference (or, for rehearsing a conference presentation) or a project output.

·       New group members to show their past work, if they have not had the chance so far.

·       Guests from outside INF to present their project/research/business. This will help them and us to understand their problems and where INF can play a role, build bridges and find opportunities for collaboration.