PhD projects KTI

Ongoing PhD projects

  • The role of Positive Deviance in catalysing endogenous development processes in the highland Andes of northern Ecuador PhD Horacio Narvaez Mena; supervisors: C. Leeuwis, S. Sherwood, T. Crane (2-5-2011 - 2-5-2015)
  • Multi-Level Governance of Panama Disease in Bananas PhD Jaye De La Cruz;supervisors: K. Jansen (9-11-2012 - 9-11-2016)
  • Coordination in disease management: Panama disease in the Philippines PhD Marilou Montiflor; supervisors: C. Leeuwis, S. Vellema (1-4-2013 - 1-4-2017)
  • The hidden role of banana in mixed farming and rurallivelihoods: how to explain local responses to multi-level disease problems PhD Iman Nawireja; supervisors: S. Vellema, E. Wahyuni (15-8-2013 - 15-8-2017)
  • Tracking the agricultural intervention of MasAgro (Sustainable Modernization of Traditional Agriculture) in Mexico PhD Tania Martinez Cruz; supervisors: C. Leeuwis, C. Almekinders (1-10-2013 - 1-10-2017)
  • Resilience of dairy farming in East African Highlands PhD Jan van der Lee; supervisors: C. Leeuwis, L. Klerkx, S. Oosting (1-1-2013 - 1-1-2017)
  • Prospects and Challenges in Improving Farmers’ Acces to Information PhD Zannatun Mukta; supervisor: C. Leeuwis (1-3-2014 - 1-3-2018)
  • Vulnerability of Farm Households to Water Related Hazards in Jamalpur and Netrakona Districts PhD Sharmin Akter; supervisor: C. Leeuwis (1-3-2014 - 1-3-2018)
  • Food security, governance and embedded coordination invalue chains: understanding institutional viability in the Ugandan oilseed sector PhD Mirjam Schoonhoven; supervisors: C. Leeuwis, S. Vellema (1-1-2014 - 1-1-2017)
  • Ready for the rains: What kind of socio-technical arrangements meet farmer demand for quality sweetpotato planting material in Sub-Saharan Africa? PhD Margaret Mcewan; supervisors: C. Almekinders, P. Richards, S. Vellema (1-4-2010 - 1-4-2014)
  • Effectiveness of Multistakeholder Platforms in Delivering Development Outcomes, Study on Integrated Systems for Humidtropics PhD Murat Sartas; supervisors: C. Leeuwis, M. Schut, P. van Asten, L. Chiwona Karltun (1-4-2014 - 1-4-2018)
  • Integrated Seed Sector Development in Africa PhD Gareth Borman; supervisors: C. Leeuwis, C. Almekinders (1-6-2014 - 16-2018)
  • Performace of Agricultural Innovation System in Tigray, Ethiopia PhD Mikinay Seifu; supervisors: C. Leeuwis, L. Klerkx, A. van Paassen (15-8-2013 - 15-8-2017)
  • Scaling (up) in international development. An analysis of historical & philosophical roots and of its use in development policy & practice PhD Seerp Wigboldus; supervisors: H. Jochemsen, C. Leeuwis (1-1-2013 - 1-7-2016)