Circular en Climate neutral

(KB-34) Circular systems in the blue and green society will close water, nutrient and carbon cycles and from this, minimize resource loss and climate change effects. Integrated systems, making smart connections between terrestrial production cycles (plant and animal based) and marine production cycles, close and strengthen production cycles and networks to replace linear chains. We will develop knowledge to provide the necessary building blocks of such a circular and climate positive society that ensures climate restoration. This includes efficient use of land, water and energy, carbon sequestration, change in consumer behavior, as well as the needed governance structures. Efficiently using resources in the food, feed, chemical and materials industry is crucial, while at the same time preventing losses and accumulation of safety hazards when closing loops.

This KB program focuses on research that contributes simultaneously to circular and climate positive food and non-food production systems. The nexus of these two goals is the primary interest. Research that only contributes to one of these two main goals, can be included, considered that it is a helpful stepping stone towards circular and climate positive concepts.