Farm Information Net

The Farm Information Net is a forum of some 1500 agricultural businesses, 100 fisheries businesses and 150 private forestry companies. The collection and publication of data pertain to the Statutory Research Unit Centre for Economic Information (CEI).

CEI's activities are funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Representative for the agricultural sector

This farming and crop growing forum represents the businesses that exceed the standard profit of 25,000 euros defined by the CBS (Central Statistics Agency) census. Very small businesses are, thus, not represented. The included businesses represented approximately 85% of all businesses from the agriculture census and well over 99% of all the total agricultural production (measured in standard profit).

To the group results

The results of groups of businesses are published on our website Some of the information is analysed, while other information is presented solely in numbers within dynamic tables.

Insight into (anonymous) business data can be provided for the purpose of scientific research under strict conditions. Check the page provision of data for additional information.

Do you have questions about the definitions used or the farm-group results, please contact Walter van Everdingen. Information is also accessible in various reports: