Clinical nutrition trials

Clinical trials on food

​The demand for foods with proven health effects, such as improved intestinal or muscle health, is increasing. Wageningen University & Research offers clinical nutrition trials which allow the food industry to scientifically substantiate the health effects of products and ingredients.

Health claim

A snack that reduces peaks in blood glucose or a product that contributes to regular bowel movements. Anyone who can scientifically substantiate the health effects of a product or an ingredient significantly increases its market potential. Wageningen University & Research develops the human-intervention studies necessary to substantiate health claims. In addition, Wageningen experts support the food industry in translating study outcomes into applications for product development, and in communications with clients and consumers. Wageningen also offers in vitro screening, the development of (test) products, sensory research and consumer acceptance tests for specific target groups.

Clinical nutrition trials

Custom studies

We offer:

  • tailor-made research strategies and optimal study designs
  • professional coordination (project management) of clinical studies
  • smooth handling of medical-ethical approval
  • efficient recruitment of test subjects via our own database
  • use of both invasive and non-invasive measurements, biomarkers and (digital) health questionnaires
  • statistical data analysis and interpretation of results
  • scientific publication (optional)
  • advice on translation to applications for product development
Clinical nutrition trials

From wheat fiber to sustainable protein source

Wageningen University & Research has set up and carried out a large number of clinical trials. These include studies on:

  • digestibility and bioavailability
  • heart and vascular health
  • metabolic health
  • immune function
  • intestinal health

For example, Wageningen experts recently measured the digestibility of a variety of sustainable proteins in the Su-Pro study, which also looked at the effects on intestinal health. Studies in a unique real-life setting are also possible. In the FIBER study, participants received meal boxes with fiber-enriched or control products, at home, to examine the effect of extrinsic wheat fibers on bowel movements. Other recent studies focused on the health effects of wholemeal products and the effects of dark chocolate on vascular health.

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