Food innovations for responsible choices

Sustainable nutritious foods

Today’s consumers require clarity about food in order to make conscious choices. They expect foodstuffs to be healthy, durable and sustainably produced, while also consisting of recognisable natural ingredients. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research supports the food industry in developing products that consumers actively choose to buy.

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Sensible food choices

Shelves full of foodstuffs that are tasty, healthy, sustainably produced, natural (clean label), safe and durable – this is the vision that Wageningen Food & Biobased Research aims to realise in the coming years. The possibilities on offer should make sensible choices a matter of course for consumers, who are increasingly aware of what they are buying. They also take into account the ecological imprint of the food products they consume, are busy with the salt, sugar and fibre content, and have opinions about added ingredients and production techniques.

Clean label and reformulation

In other words, there are plenty of opportunities to develop ingredients and products to respond to the increasing demand for healthy foods with clean labels. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research experts work together with various companies on the best ways to produce natural sweeteners, preservatives and flavourings, for example from residual streams. In addition, the food industry can turn to us for solutions to sustainability and durability issues, and we know what consumers expect from clean-label products. We also have the capacity to substantially reduce salt, sugar and fat content in products while maintaining their quality.

Working on solutions

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is working on various solutions within this research programme: