Field Crops test locations

Wageningen University & Research has a number of test locations, some of which have greenhouses and a laboratory. They all work according to the PD-certified guidelines, also known as Good Experimental Practise (GEP). On the basis of this international quality standard, we are authorised to carry out certification research for crop protection products. The test localtions are also GLOBAL-GAP certified.

Test locations throughout the whole of the Netherlands

All test locations carry out and support practice-oriented research and innovations for companies and institutions. The unique thing about each test location is that you have all the facilities you need in one place – for setting up and conducting the trial, expertise, storage facilities, processing harvested products, laboratory research, and holding meetings, tours and demonstrations. In short, everything that enables us to fulfil your specific requirements.

Check the locations:

What makes our test locations unique?

  • They have highly motivated employees with a wealth of practical experience and expertise.
  • They are solution-oriented. Together with their clients, they actively look for solutions in designing and conducting research.
  • They have a high level of flexibility that enables them to respond to your specific requirements and wishes.
  • They have different kinds of soil at the various locations.
  • They have good equipment and facilities. Basic equipment is present at all the locations: trial field machines, instruments, processing areas and storage facilities. Full use is made of GPS applications. In addition, each location has meeting rooms that are ideal for courses, excursions and demonstrations.
  • Their equipment is tailored to your day-to-day practice.
  • They have professional laboratories with quarantine areas.
  • They will allow you, the client, to choose the location where the research project is to be carried out.

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