Cross-WUR programmes

The complexity of the challenges we face requires that we put even more emphasis on multidisciplinary work and on achieving synergy in our fundamental and applied research. We are therefore working on further improving the cooperation between various parts of the organisation and investing in research themes that lie at the interface between our areas of expertise.

Research themes

The research themes encompass the entire research portfolio, and link the institutes thematically with each other. This increases the synergy of our knowledge development.

Research themes

The five investment themes are strategic topics with which we can emphasise specific aspects of our expertise development.

Investing themes

Wageningen Global Sustainability Programme

The Wageningen Global Sustainability Programme is a programme funded by Wageningen University & Research investing in interdisciplinary research and education projects in close collaboration with partners in low and middle-income countries. Each project has to indicate its contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Wageningen Global Sustainability Programme

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

In2015, The United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals: 17 goals and 169 targets for people, planet and prosperity for the next 15 years. Much research of WUR is connected with the Sustainable Development Goals.


Graduate schools

The research at Wageningen University is conducted through chair groups. Each group, led by a professor, has its own expertise within the domain “healthy food and living environment”. Wageningen University leads six graduate schools within an overarching organisation.

Graduate schools

Topic-focused programmes

ERRAZE@WUR: pandemics

ERRAZE@WUR is a cross-WUR programme aimed at preventing future pandemics and limiting their impact.


Gerrit Grijns Initiative: food

In the Gerrit Grijns Initiative, over 25 professors work together on innovations for sustainable and healthy food.

Gerrit Grijns Initiative