Artificial Intelligence

Developments within artificial intelligence are rapid. When it comes to healthy nutrition and a healthy environment, artificial intelligence is an indispensable part of WUR’s research and education. It is already being used in camera footage that recognises the quality of food, in fully automatic farming under differing local conditions, in the remote monitoring of the health of livestock, and in determining which hereditary characteristics lead to fertile and resistant varieties and crops. The list of applications is almost endless.

These applications require thorough research in order to clarify which choices will be made (and whether or not these will be made automatically) as well as the kind of impact that these choices will have on their environment. This is also where the changing role of employees, and the shift in responsibilities between designers, builders and users of artificial intelligence enter the playing field.

WUR is investing in these applications in order to make a responsible contribution to society and to continue to build on ongoing commitments in this area.

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