Do you want to assess diet quality by evaluating the adherence of your participants or patients to the Dutch Foodbased Dietary Guidelines?

The Eetscore tool consists of two components:

  1. the Eetscore itself, which provide the adherence to the Dutch Dietary Guidelines by calculating a score based on a short Food Frequency Questionnaire.
  2. a personalised dietary advice module based on this score with concrete suggestions on how to improve the quality of the diet.


The Eetscore is based on 40 questions which need to be answered by the participant. The tool can be filled out by a participant in about 15 minutes.

The Eetscore scores 16 components representing the Dutch Food based Dietary Guidelines of 2015. Each component is scored between 0 and 10 points, and these scores are summed. The total score can vary between 0 and 160 points. More information about the development and evaluation of the Eetscore can be found in this article.

Note: the Eetscore will give you an indication of the adherence to the Dutch Food Based Dietary Guidelines from 2015. It cannot be used to assess energy or nutrient intake because it only covers a part of the intake.

Targeted dietary advice

In addition to their Eetscore, participants can also get dietary advice. This advice is based on their score per component. The Eetscore can be used with or without this advice module, this depends on the purpose of use.

Target population

Until now, the Eetscore is only suitable for the adult population, for which the Dutch Dietary Guidelines are intended. So, the advice module can be used for adult patients, but only for those for whom a general dietary advice to eat healthy is given, such as for hypertension patients. Therefore, the Eetscore cannot be applied for patients who need a specialised dietary treatment, such as undernourished patients or coeliac patients.

Implementing the Eetscore

The Eetscore is a web-based tool. Researchers can invite participants to fill out the Eetscore via an invitation send by the Eetscore tool. Since the Eetscore tool not only includes the questionnaire but also the calculation of the scores and the dietary advice it’s not possible to build in the Eetscore questionnaire in your own platform.

Processing of the data

The Eetscore scores per participant can be exported as excel-file that is compatible with any statistical software program. Exporting the excel-file with scores can be done by the researchers themselves.