Online bookshelf: Well-being

October 30, 2023

Studying and preparing for exams can be quite stressful as any student knows. In the Library you can find a small collection of encouraging books to help boost your happiness and well-being. The books are all chosen and recommended by the Surf your Stress team.


The gifts of imperfection : let go of who you think you're supposed to be and embrace who you are, by BreneĢ Brown


Huh?! : the Dutch art of flip-thinking, by Berthold Gunster


Grit : why passion and resilience are the secrets to success, by Angela Duckworth

Other selected books

    More support at WUR

    The Surf your Stress team organises activities about stress and work load and how to manage them. The Student Training & Support platform offers a variety of workshops, trainings, events and other facilities to stimulate and enhance student well-being, health and happiness. See their website for a complete overview.

    Series online bookshelves

    The Surf your Stress team selected the books for this bookshelf on well-being. In the coming months WUR Library will offer more online bookshelves on related subjects, for example, information literacy, scientific writing and presentation skills.