environmental contaminants

Metals and nitrogenous compounds

Wageningen Food Safety Research is National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for research into environmental contaminants in food and feed such as metals and nitrogenous compounds.


Wageningen Food Safety Research is National Reference Laboratory for metals and nitrogenous compounds in food and feed. This is laid down in


Wageningen Food Safety Research has specific expertise in the analysis of heavy metals and toxic elements in food and feed, such as (inorganic) arsenic, (methyl) mercury, cadmium, lead, nickel, copper, zinc and iodine. In addition, WFSR has validated and accredited methods for the analysis of nitrogenous compounds such as melamine, cyanuric acid, nitrate and nitrite. WFSR also has knowledge of and experience with metal and nitrogenous compound related to legislation, method development and validation, quality controls, and the assurance of Official Field Laboratories (OFLs).

Independent quality assurance

To obtain independent quality assurance and to validate and compare test methods, WFSR participates in validating and inter-laboratory comparison studies and proficiency test organised by EU-RL and third parties. The EU-RL for metals and nitrogenous compounds is the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Kopenhagen.

Reagents and reference substances

For questions related to reference substances and reagents that may be used for analyses within the scope of the NRL metals and nitrogenous compounds please use the contact form on this website.