New users

Staff of the MicroSpectroscopy research facility trains its users so they can independently operate the equipment. And assists in setting up experiments, developing methods and data analysis.

When you are interested in using the facilities of the Microspectroscopy Research Facility, you can contact Arjen Bader. When not familiar with the possibilities of the available equipment, please describe the type of samples and what sort of information is needed. We will assist in finding the right equipment to solve your research question.

For part of the equipment, online training is available (offered via brightspace). After reading and watching the video’s in the training, you are supported by MSC staff during the first session(s). The goal is that you are able to operate the equipment by yourself, while there is always assistance when you have questions at a later stage.

The equipment is booked via the Lab Facilities Booking. First time users can ‘login via surfconext’ and follow subsequent steps. Next, contact the MSC staff for activation of the account and permission for booking. For students and employees of the chair group that are member of the MSC (BIC/BIP/PCC/FPH) the payment for usage of the equipment is covered by an annual fee. Users from other chair groups, institutes and companies are charged per hour for the usage of the equipment, either by Shared Research Facilities or directly by the MSC.

In some set-ups, high power lasers are used. You will be notified when you need to do a special laser safety training.