Selection procedure and use of personal data

We feel it is important that, prior to your job application, you are familiar with the different components of the selection procedure and are aware of what we will be doing with your personal data. Our selection procedure is based on the general job application code of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Personeelsmanagement en organisatieontwikkeling (NVP - Netherlands association for personnel management and organisational development).

You will receive a confirmation of receipt

Immediately after applying, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt by e-mail. Did you not receive an e-mail? The e-mail may have been sent to your spam or junk e-mail folder.

How we handle your personal data

You will be sending us personal data in your application. We will store these data during the selection process and these data will only be accessible for those directly involved. Your data will be anonymised no later than one year after your job application. Until then, WUR may approach you for a different, suitable vacancy. After this year, your personal data will be removed from our files. We only store data for our management reports that cannot be traced back to a specific person. If you want to review, modify, or remove your personal data from our files, please contact before the data are anonymised.

Internal or external candidates?

If a vacancy can be found on the internet, it is open to both internal and external candidates. For the selection process, the WUR recruitment and selection policy takes precedence. Among other things, this means that if internal and external candidates are equally qualified, the internal candidates have priority.

Selection and job interviews

The first selection round will be conducted based on an assessment of your CV and cover letter. This will determine whether you will continue to the next phase. In the next phase, you will be invited for one or more job interviews. If you are not invited for a job interview, you will nonetheless receive a notification within one week after the last interview.

Complaints or areas for improvement

If you found the selection procedure to be unpleasant in some way or see areas in the process that can be improved, please send an e-mail to


For any additional questions regarding the position, please contact the relevant vacancy holder. The name of this person will be stated in the vacancy text.