SLM thesis research (MIL)

If interested in doing thesis research (major or minor) with SLM then you’ll find all the required information on this page. We offer a great variety of topics within our two main domains:

  1. Topics for Soil Physics & Processes, with research focused on understanding and modelling processes in land and water conservation, as well as developing new methods, techniques and equipment to measure physical aspects of land and water in lab and field.
  2. Topics for Land Management & Society, with research focused on driving forces and impact for farmers and society of land degradation, as well as solutions and (designing) measures to move towards sustainable land management worldwide.

Several of the offered thesis topics combine physical/technical aspects of land and water management with more socioeconomic aspects. So check out all topics and contact us for more information!

In the following links you’ll find all the information and documents you need to guide you through the process of a MSc thesis research supervised by SLM:

  • An overview of topics on the TIP website
  • Thesis guidelines MIL-A
  • Cover page SLM thesis report

    For more information about MIL thesis research within the SLM Group and for planning and intake please contact