BSc & MSc Projects

Laboratory of Biophysics can offer students a range of BSc and MSc projects, which can be read by clicking on one of the links on the right side of this page. Each project is suitable for BSc and MSc: the subject will depend on the study level.

Dr. Johannes Hohlbein

  1. Single-molecule bacteriology (CRISPR-Cas) (download)
  2. (Open) hardware and software for super-resolution microscopy (download)
  3. Super-resolution food microscopy (download)

Dr. Emilie Wientjes

  1. Improving the light harvesting capacity by mutational analysis of LHCII.pdf (download)
  2. Improving biomass production by investigating the role of PSBS on NPQ.pdf (download)
  3. Heterogeneity in the thylakoid membrane of cyanobacteria.pdf (download)
  4. Photosystem I - the most efficient nanomachine in nature.pdf (download)

Dr. Camilla Terenzi

  1. Application of robust phasor analysis to large MRI data from biological samples. (download)
  2. Application of NMR/MRI markers to gastric milk protein digestion. (download)
  3. Flow-MRI of strongly confined complex fluids:
    a. Rheo-MRI of fat crystal dispersions. (download)
    b. Microcapillary flow of dispersions and anisotropic particles.