Specialisation Quality Management and Entrepreneurship

The specialisation Quality Management and Entrepreneurship gives insight into developing business in that complex and dynamic environment and taking into account the several and sometimes conflicting demands (on quality, safety, environment-sustainability) posed by consumers, companies (e.g. retailers, producers), governmental agencies and/or NGO’s. Research thesis topics are e.g. on how food companies deal with such different and dynamic demands in designing a management system, the influence of such stakeholders on prioritizing the demands.

First year

In the first year, students will take Food Quality Management courses, combined with courses related to management, marketing, entrepreneurship and economics.

Course CS/RO Period, time
Compulsory courses:
FQD-20306 Food Quality Management CS 1MO
LAW-30806 Food Law CS 2MO
MST-21306 Advanced Management and Marketing CS 3WD
FQD-35806 Food Quality Management Research Principles 1 CS 4WD
FQD-35906 Food Quality Management Research Principles 2 CS 5MO
Choose 1 course from RO1A:
MAT-20306 Advanced Statistics RO1A 1AF/6MO
YRM-20806 Research Design & Research Methods RO1A 1AF
Choose 1 course from RO2:
FQD-22306 Food Quality Analysis and Judgement RO2 2AF
FQD-31806 Product Properties and Consumer Wishes RO2 2AF
Choose at least 1 course from RO1B:
MST-55306 Principles of Entrepreneurship RO1B 1AF
BEC-21306 Food Safety Economics RO1B 5AF
FQD-36306 Food Fraud and Mitigation RO1B 5AF

Second year

The second year consists of an individual thesis project (minimum 36 ECTS) and an intership/traineeship (minimum 24 ECTS). The topics of the thesis and internship should be within the scope of the specialisation. A thesis is normally carried out at Wageningen University. Thesis topics are offered by the Food Quality and Design group.
The internship is always outside Wageningen University and can be in any country, at a university, an industry or an institute, under supervision of the Food Quality and Design group.