Sharing education materials: pilot Edusources Boundary Crossing

Published on
November 5, 2021

Dean of Education Arnold Bregt recently commissioned a pilot to look at a handy link between the national Edusources sharing platform and WURs Library for Learning portal. The goal is to create a sustainable infrastructural connection so that WUR teachers can share learning materials from a professional community without much hassle ánd with national reach.

Open Learning Resources & L4L

Open Educational Resources (OER) are all types of learning resources that are available in the public domain or shared with an open license (Creative Commons license such as CC BY-SA). The subject of Open Learning Material is high on WUR's strategic agenda and is stimulated by the Open Science and Education programme. Library for Learning (L4L) is WUR's university portal for searching and finding learning resources created by WUR teachers. The portal contains hundreds of WUR teaching materials, such as videos, e-modules, audio clips and infographics. These learning materials can be freely used in WUR education.

Accelerate with Edusources

The Pilot Edusources/Boundary Crossing has recently started. This project is part of the national acceleration plan Zone 'Towards (digital) open learning materials' and a follow-up to the Boundary Crossing@WUR project. Both the plan and the project contribute to WUR's Open Science and Education programme (OSE).

Edusources is SURF's national platform for digital (open) learning materials for Dutch higher education. With Edusources, students and teachers have access to a nationwide range of digital learning materials in one place. The Edusources/Boundary Crossing pilot participates in the Acceleration with Edusources Scheme. This scheme has just been started by  SURF in collaboration with the acceleration plan 'Towards digital (open) learning materials'. The pilot is investigating how Boundary Crossing material can be shared via the L4L in a community on Edusources. For example, how will you approach metadata and quality control? And which policy issues are involved?

Boundary crossing

For the WUR Boundary Crossing project, teachers have created teaching materials to develop boundary crossing competencies: the competencies to learn and work with people outside your own scientific domain, institute, culture or context. The Boundary Crossing community is an example of a professional community of teachers who want to share learning materials with each other. In the Edusources/Boundary Crossing pilot, the link between L4L and Edusources was established and tested. A number of Boundary Crossing knowledge clips can already be found in L4L and Edusources.

More information

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to share your teaching material? We are looking for a second community of teachers. Please feel free to contact the Edusources pilot team for more information. Do want to share your teaching material individually? In the L4L portal you can share your teaching material within WUR and/or with a wider audience. The Library can support you in this. In this Introduction to Open Educational Resources you will find more information about sharing, reusing, developing and collecting open educational resources within Edusources.