Thesis and internships of the Law Group

This page contains information for students who are planning their BSc or MSc (internship, research, thesis writing) and considering options for supervision by the Law Group staff. It provides general information on the options and possibilities for such projects. For general information on staff members and their main (thematic, regional) fields of interest please use the available staff information.

One important point of departure for the Law group is that students design their own research, writing and supervision ‘package’ as much as possible. Therefore we actively encourage students to make their own choices, including interdisciplinary co-supervision with staff from other groups or departments. While some students come in with clear and well-developed ideas about their internship, research or thesis, others have only very general ideas about the topics they are interested in, and about the regions, countries or organizations in which their research will take place. Discussion with Law staff may help in further specifying these ideas and gradually turning them into a well-defined and feasible project. The more developed your interests and ideas are, the better we will be able to help you. Therefore, we will generally ask you as a first step to put on paper your general interests (topics, issues, regions), possible research questions etc.

For internships and thesis research, it is important to realize that we usually have no ready-at-hand and tailor-made places to offer. On the basis of your specified research interests we can try to find you an internship through Law staff networks. We have long-standing relations of collaboration with a variety of chair groups of Wageningen University in both natural and social science, and research institutes in the Netherlands and abroad. However, in practice, finding an internship place will often take time and energy for exploration of possibilities and negotiating tasks and activities. This is the student’s own responsibility (under staff supervision).

The Law Group can provide supervision and support for research projects and internships in the following general domains:


  • Law, legitimacy, processes of legitimation and power
  • Law, legitimacy, and processes of globalization
  • Law, human rights, and sustainable development
  • Standardization, certification and accreditation in relation to trade and development

Food law

Food safety (risk regulation), food security (human right to food) and market organization (cartel & competition law):

  • Food law at the global, regional and/or national levels
  • The human right to food: its making, meaning and social, legal and governance implications
  • Food chains and corporate social responsibility
  • Pre-market safety assessment requirements on innovation in the food sector
  • Emergence of alternative food law on the basis of self-regulation through private standards (BRC; ISO, etc).
  • Food security and insecurity, sovereignty and governance
  • The making and meaning of international food standards
  • Regulation of genetically modified foods
  • Micro organisms in food law; the role of natural science in food law
  • Food-related institutions: FAO, the European Food Safety Authority, the Food and Veterinary Office etc.

The Law Group has a long-standing experience in supervision on these topics. More specific propositions of thesis research topics relating to food law can be found on the thesis projects page.

Law thesis reports

All LAW thesis reports have been catalogued in the University Library System. Hard copies are available at the Leeuwenborch Library. The link below will lead you to the electronic catalogue of the LAW thesis reports:

Law theses in Library Catalogue

To give students more information about possible topics for research, internship and thesis writing in these various domains, earlier examples of BSc, internship, MSc or PhD projects can be found below: 


We generally follow the University criteria for the assessment of the thesis work, which also apply to minor theses. In addition, we have developed short guidelines referring specifically to LAW theses. We advise you to have a look at both documents at the beginning of your thesis research. Before starting your thesis, a thesis agreement must also be signed by the student and the supervisor. Finally, your thesis will be evaluated based on the following assessment form.

You will find an overview of our theses and internships in the study handbook