Food farming Resilient and Sustainable Food Systems for a Food-Secure Future


Online Course Resilient and Sustainable Food Systems for a Food-Secure Future 2021

Do you want to learn how to design interventions, strategies and policies for resilient and sustainable food systems in your own local context? Do you want to better understand the global future challenges of food production, the effects on different scales of farming and how to apply a systems dynamics approach for analysing food systems? Then this course is of interest to you.

Organised by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Mon 29 March 2021 until Fri 9 April 2021

Duration Subject to change*
Venue Online facilitated
Price EUR 4,100.00
Scholarship available Yes

*Due to the international Covid-19 situation, WCDI will implement all offered courses as online programmes. This means that the dates, total duration of the course, and the studyload per week is subject to change. Our online courses will be of the same high quality. 

What will you learn?

In this course, your knowledge and skills will be strengthened. After this course, you will:

  • Have a deeper understanding on how global development trends and challenges affect farming practices and policies at local and national levels;
  • Be able to use various tools and techniques to analyse food systems and to identify critical issues for change;
  • Be able to develop innovative and practical oriented interventions, strategies and policies for transition to resilient and sustainable food systems, which are socially, economically and ecologically balanced;
  • Understand the role of stakeholders and involve them in making food systems more resilient and sustainable.

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For who is this course?

We invite technical staff, policymakers, scientists, private sector professionals and programme / project managers who want to build resilient and sustainable food system in their home countries, to enrol. Participants should be proficient in English, and have at least a BSc degree or an equivalent academic qualification and preferably several years of work experience in the agricultural domain.

Course programme in more detail

The world is changing and is becoming more unpredictable and uncontrollable. This holds for both social and natural conditions, with climate change and globalisation being major drivers of change in the world. People around the world are increasingly exposed to extreme weather events, economic crises, food crises, disease epidemics, social instability and political conflicts.

The resulting insecurity not only affects the global social and economic systems, but also (local) food systems and their farmers who stand at the basis of food production.

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Application for this course

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