Education and students

Chair groups and professors 2021

Wageningen University & Research data for 2022:  1 Faculty  5 departments and 94 chair groups:  Agrotechnology & Food Sciences with 22 Chair groups,  Animal Sciences with 12 Chair groups,  Environmental Sciences with 20 Chair groups,  Plant Sciences with 19 Chair groups and Social Sciences with 21 Chair groups  228 Professors of which  1 Rector magnificus,  1 President of the Executive Board,  1 Dean of Education, 95 Chair holders,  72 Personal professors and  58 Special/endowed professors

Number of students 2021, excluding PhD students

Students Wageningen University & Research October 2021  Number of students excluding PhD students: In 2002-2003 4,571 students in total of which 3,712 Dutch and 859 Non-Dutch. In 2019-2020 13,153 students in total of which 10,240 Dutch and 2,913 Non-Dutch.  Number of students per study phase:  5,792 BSc students, 7,249 MSc students and 112 pre-master

Number of Programmes 2021

19 Bachelor's programmes, 31 Master's programmes and 46 Massive Open Online Courses

Source: Corporate brochure 2020


Number of alumni 2021

Total number of alumni 59,670, of which 44,402 from the Netherlands, 5,489  from Europe and  9,779  from outside Europe  University Fund Wageningen has 3,443 donors
Source: UFW Annual report 2021

Research and employees

Number of Employees 2021 (in fte)

Wageningen University & Research data for 2022:  1 Faculty, 5 Departments, 94 Chair Groups and 228 Professors  Total number of Students 13,153 (111 nationalities), of which 10,250 Dutch and 2,913 Non-Dutch  Number of  Programmes: 19 BSc, 31 MSc and 46 Massive Open Online Courses

Number of PhDs 2020

The number of PhD students in 2021 was 2303

WUR projects worldwide 2021

Wageningen projects worldwide 2021: 2,577 Europe, 511 Asia, 375 Africa, 173 South America, 87 North America, 56 Oceania

Source: Corporate brochure 2021

Global engagement and partnerships

International collaboration - Partnerships in the Netherlands

International collaboration: WUR collaborates with various partners and consortia such as: Agrifood 5 Alliance Agrinatura Association for European Life Science  Universities (ICA) CGIAR Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Ruforum. Partnerships in the Netherlands: WUR collaborates with partners such as: Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) Dutch universities of technology (4TU Federation) Foodvalley GroenPact OnePlanet Research Center Strategic alliance Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University,  UMC Utrecht TO2 Federation Wetsus

Rankings and output

Output & Rankings 2021

Output 2021: PhD theses 292; Scientific publications in journals with an impact factor > 20 (e.g. Nature, Science) 58. Veni 9, Vidi 10, Vici 1. Rankings: WUR ranking in QS World University Rankings 2022, Agriculture and Forestry, 1 (7 years running); WUR ranking in National Taiwan University Ranking, World Universities 2021 Agriculture, 2; WUR ranking in QS World University Rankings 2022, Environmental Sciences 5; WUR ranking in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023, 59; WUR ranking in Keuzegids in full time university education 2023, 1 (18 years running); WUR ranking in Academic Ranking of World Universities 2021, Agricultural Sciences, 1 (5 years running); WUR ranking in Academic Ranking of World Universities 2021, Food Science & Technology, 3

Co-publications 2021

Number of co-publications in 2021 (co-authored publications) of Wageningen University & Research with partners from within an outside of academia, globally: 3,468 academic, 1,488 government, 357 corporate (business), 238 other, 145 medical.  source: Scopus, Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. SciVal ®

ERC grants

Output 2021-2022: ERC Grants, of which 9 Starting Grants since 2007, 8 Advanced Grants since 2007 and 4 Consilidator Grants since 2013

Number of PhD theses 2021 and Scientific publications 2021

292 PhD theses  58 Scientific publications in journals with an impact factor > 20 (e.g. Nature, Science)

Source: Scopus, Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved
Source: Corporate brochure 2021

Financial figures 2021

Financial figures 2021 (turnover)

Financial figures 2021  Total turnover of Wageningen University & Research of 804 million of which: € 131 mln turnover of Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group,  € 144 mln turnover of Animal Sciences Group, € 108 mln turnover of Environmental Sciences Group, € 159 mln turnover of Plant Sciences Group, € 98 mln turnover of Social Sciences Group, € 121 mln turnover of Central departments, € 42 mln turnover of Wageningen Food Safety Research  Source: annual report 2021

Financial figures 2021 (funding)

Total Wageningen University & Research funding of 804 million of which:  € 431 million Wageningen University funding:  Direct government funding € 270 million, Indirect government funding € 36 million, Private funding € 48 million, Co-funding and subsidies € 20 million, Tuition fees € 36 million, Other income € 21 million  373 million Wageningen Research funding:  Core funding € 35 million, Programme funding € 104 million, Co-funding and subsidies € 27 million, Top sectors € 71 million, Bilateral market € 97 million, Subsidiary activities € 36 million, Other income € 3 million  Source: annual report 2021

Source: Corporate brochure 2021


Timeline with spin-offs from Wageningen University and the Wageningen Research foundation

1995 Green Dino (Wageningen University) Pepscan (Wageningen Research) 2000 CoVaccine B.V. (Wageningen Research) SarVision (Wageningen Research) 2001 Telemetronics Biomedical (Wageningen University) Prionics AG, previously CEDI Diagnostics (Wageningen Research) 2002 Bfactory (Wageningen Research) 2005 Ceradis (Wageningen University) Fresh Forward Holding (Wageningen Research) IsoLife (Wageningen Research) 2006 Nsure (Wageningen Research) 2007 Biqualis (Wageningen University) Can-iT (Wageningen University) 2008 BioProdict (Wageningen University) 2009 Plant-E (Wageningen University) 2010 Chaincraft (Wageningen University) 2011 ClearDetections (Wageningen University) Surfix (Wageningen University) Phenovation (Wageningen Research) 2012 Pectcof (Wageningen University) MusaRadix (Wageningen Research) Yellow Pallet (Wageningen Research) Pherobank (Wageningen Research) 2013 B-Mex (Wageningen University) 2014 Adviesbureau Jan Snel (Wageningen Research) 2015 TripleT Biosciences (Wageningen University) 2016 A-Mansia Biotech S.A (Wageningen University) Livestock Robotics (Wageningen University) 2017 Spinterest (Wageningen University) BunyaVax (Wageningen Research) N-Chroma (Wageningen Research) Saia Agrobotics (Wageningen Research) 2018 Agri-gripping (Wageningen Research) 2019 Rival Foods (Wageningen University) FUMI Ingredients (Wageningen University) PreMal (Wageningen University) Wageningen Agricultural Monitoring (Wageningen Research)  2020 PEEK (Wageningen University) Scope Biosciences (Wageningen University) Time Traveling (Wageningen University) Milkman (Wageningen University)   Spin-off: a company established for the purpose of developing or exploiting WUR IP with formal contractual arrangements for the use of this IP.

Source: Annual Report WUR 2021

Wageningen Campus

Wageningen Campus

In 2021, 201 companies are located on Wageningen Campus, of which 109 SME’s, 78 startups and 14 corporates,  Wageningen Campus is the most sustainable campus according to the 2021 UI GreenMetric  World University Rankings (5 years running)
Source: Annual Report WUR 2021