Corporate governance

This page contains information regarding the system of checks and balances which ensures controlled, coherent, and balanced administration within Wageningen University & Research. This page also contains an explanation of how the organisation guarantees integrity and the possibilities for employees and students to report suspected unethical and/or inappropriate behaviour.

Code for Good Governance Wageningen University & Research

The Code for Good Governance WUR describes the principles of good governance. The code is derived from the Code for Good Governance in Dutch Universities, applicable from 2020, and the provisions of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (NGCG) 2016 that are relevant to Wageningen Research Foundation.

Through this link you will find a list of codes of conduct governing education, research and business operations on the VSNU [Association of Universities in the Netherlands] website.

You may find the Wageningen University & Research annual report on the Wageningen University & Research annual report page.

Information about the board may also be found on the website.

Administrative and Management Regulations

The Higher Education and Research Act (Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek) serves as the legal framework for Wageningen University & Research. In the case of Stichting WR the latter’s constitution serves as its legal framework. The above-mentioned frameworks render it mandatory to set out the form of governance, and the management and structure of the organisation in Administrative and Management Regulations (AMR). As such, the AMR constitute the legal basis for the organisation’s structure at the organisational level. The way in which WU and WR are structured may be found in the following documents:

Corporate social responsibility letter of intent

Our research and education have a major impact on society, the economy and the environment. Wageningen University & Research is aware of this. It is for this reason that work will be carried out on a corporate social responsibility programme in 2014. This corporate social responsibility letter of intent is an initial step.

Scientific integrity

Acting with integrity is the cornerstone of good scientific practice and, as such, is an essential prerequisite for the placement of trust and the retention of credibility in science. The outside world (academic and otherwise) may consider and assess the findings of scientific research but the manner in which those findings are arrived at may not provide grounds for debate. More information may be found on policy and procedures in relation to scientific integrity on the website

Positioning of research at Wageningen University & Research

Explanation of the positioning, quality assurance and financing of research carried out by Wageningen University & Research.

Integrity Code

The Wageningen University & Research Integrity Code formulates the starting points for desirable behaviour for everyone who works within, studies at, and/or represents Wageningen University & Research.

Guidelines Multicultural Settings

Guidelines Multicultural Settings

With its large number of international students and employees, Wageningen University & Research has a strong international focus. This appendix to the Integrity Code contains guidelines regarding social conduct, being aware of the various nationalities and national backgrounds of all employees, guest employees, and students.

Whistle-blowers regulations Wageningen University & Research

The Whistle-Blower’s Regulations Wageningen University & Research describe the procedure to be followed in the case of a report or possible report of abuse or suspected abuse. The regulations explain in which cases employees of Wageningen University & Research can make use of this procedure.

Regulations complaints procedure undesirable behaviour Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University & Research maintains the position that employees and students should approach each other respectfully and with integrity and that they should be able to work and/or study in a socially safe environment. The Regulations Complaints Procedure undesirable behaviour Wageningen University & Research explains how to report any complaints regarding undesirable social behaviour within Wageningen University & Research.

In the Protocol Confidential Counsellor undesirable behaviour Wageningen University & Research specifies the role, duties and prerogatives of the confidential counsellor and the corresponding qualities and requirements.

Government Information (Public Access) Act

Wageningen University falls within the scope of application of the Government Information (Public Access) Act [Wet openbaarheid van bestuur] (Wob) A written request for information will only be considered, provided that it is submitted by post or email to the address listed below.

By post:
Wageningen University
Attn. the Executive Board (EB)
PO Box 9101
6700 HB Wageningen

By email:

A fee is charged for the provision of information in response to any request under the Wob irrespective of whether or not this occurs in electronic or printed form. The amount of such fee is set out in the Wageningen University Government Information Act Implementing Regulations.

Action Plan for Gender Balance

Diversity and female talent is known to increase organisational performance. Since 2013 Wageningen University & Research actively strives to increase the number of women in top positions by implementing the Action Plan for Gender Balance.

Site rules

Wageningen Campus is a publicly accessible private area. The part of the campus owned by WUR is primarily intended for research and education purposes. Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has therefore drawn up house and site rules for its part of the campus. These rules are in addition to national and local laws and regulations for, among other things, public order, safety, health and traffic, which apply to the entire campus. Everyone who is on the WUR site of Wageningen Campus is expected to know the site rules.