WIMEK PhD information

WIMEK supports PhD candidates in the natural and social environmental sciences during their PhD trajectory.

We consider it of great importance that you develop useful competencies that go beyond your PhD subject. We want to help you finish your PhD in time, manage work pressure, prepare for your future career, and learn how to have impact with your science on society.

There are several ways by which WIMEK can help you to obtain these goals. Detailed information about relevant subjects you can find following the links on the right.

To learn more about the requirements for your thesis have a look at the Guidelines for Wageningen University thesis Requirements.

In case you are looking for information concerning your move to Wageningen and logistics once you are in the Netherlands, you can find it on this website or in our information document. For tips and tricks for your PhD have a look here.

We are always open to hear from you

Whenever you have suggestion about courses, remarks about procedures, questions about your PhD, information that might also be useful for your PhD colleagues, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us!

If PhDs would like to share their successful stories (for example, recent publication) at WUR level or beyond that, they can reach the Press officer / Communications advisor of WUR:

MS (Marieke) Reijneker MSc



Timetable WIMEK PhD Programme

When Action
Start PhD project Registration at department: PhD contract (for PhD candidates not financed by WU or NWO)
Please read Preparing for your PhD for more information about for instance housing and visas
If applicable: payment of tuition fee (guest PhDs, sandwich PhDs with third flow funding)
Registration with WIMEK
You receive an invitation for the WIMEK introduction meeting
If you want to take BSc of MSc courses or want a Students sports card (and are not emplyed at WageningenUR), send us a request
Within 6 months Upload of legal agreement by your first promotor in Hora Finita (if you do not have an employment contract)
Fill out your first draft of the Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) and discuss it with your supervisor(s)
Official submission & formal approval of the TSP in Hora Finita
Write your research proposal
Submission research proposal via wimek@wur.nl
Make Data Management Plan and upload it in Hora Finita
Assessment research proposal by WIMEK by external reviewers
Approval of research proposal by WIMEK
15-18 months Go/No-go conversation with supervisor
Formal admittance to the Wageningen PhD programme
N.B.: Check if you/your supervisor has a letter from SSC certifying that you have been admitted to the PhD programme.
During project Monitoring at 9 months and at 2, 3, 4 (etc.) years
Final year Read the doctoral degree regulations again
Find the way your future opponents will assess the quality of your thesis in Appendix 6 of the doctoral degree regulations
Tentative: participate in WGS session Last Stretch of the PhD Programme about the final 6 months
At least 15 weeks before graduation Apply for your WIMEK-SENSE diploma
Ca. at the time of graduation Final evaluation and registration as WIMEK alumnus