Rules & Guidelines

Below you will find information about Publishing Guidelines, Doctoral Degree Regulations and Integrity regulations.

Doctoral degree regulations and related documents

Doctoral degree regulations Regulations regarding the PhD programme and conferral of the Degree of Doctor.
Rubric: disciplinary and multidiciplinary Theses inter-/transdisciplinary Theses Doctoral theses can be mainly disciplinary, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary. There are two rubrics available: a rubric for the assessment of mainly disciplinary and multidisciplinary PhD research; a rubric for the assessment of mainly interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary PhD research. The promotor decides after consultation with the candidate under which category the thesis is submitted to the examining committee, and thus which rubric is going to be used by the thesis committee.
Ius promovendi Letter on Ius promovendi for all involved in PhD supervision
WUR teaching rules WUR Teaching rules for employed and non-employed PhD candidates
Regulations for Enrolment non regular Regulations for Enrolment of PhD candidates to follow master courses at WU.
Required academic skills for Go-Nogo decision Evaluation form for the assessment of the required academic skills of PhD candidates for the Go/No-go decision after 8-15 months.
Guidelines for Thesis Requirements Guidelines for Wageningen University Thesis Requirements describing types of theses, submission, propositions and conflicts of interest.
Propositions criteria Criteria based on which the propositions are evaluated.
Protocol photographer Protocol for the photographer at PhD thesis defences of WU

Letters from the Academic Board to PhD supervisors

Letter of 2023 Topics: Inauguration slots changes from Thursday to Friday, diversity of and contact with the evaluation committee, expected policy on AI, duration of the PhD programme, new policy on scholarships budget minimum, list non-professors with ius promovendi expected, ISBN no longer required.
Letter of 2022 Topics: Go/no-go decision included in doctoral degree regulations, relationship between supervisors, inclusive language, clarification role of PhD ceremony and paranymphs, updated regulations for joint degrees, definition and translation of “promotie”, transfer of Aula to Omnia, introduction Hora Finita, ius promovendi for UDH1 after honourable discharge, EngD programme, Non-payroll PhD agreements, responsibility promotor for propositions, dress code, number of articles or chapters, increased training (TSP) budget.
Letter of 2021 Topics: from one to two rubrics, clarification of rebuttal procedure, clarification cum laude procedure, practicalities in arranging the defence of joint degrees, updated objection procedure, clarification language requirements, inclusion of propositions in thesis PDF, reminder online opponent, responsibility promotor for propositions.
Letter of 2020 Topics: English proficiency proof, qualifying exam, affiliation of opponents, rubric, cum laude procedure, online opponent, covid guidelines, length judicium/laudation, electronic submission of thesis, authorship statement and propositions.
Letter of 2019 Topics: Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, Ius promovendi for non-professors, NUFFIC evaluation of diplomas, diversity of thesis committees, number of (co)promotors, responsibility of promotor regarding thesis, authorship statement and propositions, resubmission of thesis, PhD ceremony procedure, new diploma lay-out.
Appendix to Letter Academic Board 2019
Letter of 2017 Topics: Entry requirements PhD programme, Go/no-go decision and its consequences, Joint, double and dual degrees, authorship statement, rubric, judicium, Publishing articles from the thesis, language of summaries, presence of opponents, photographers protocol.

Publishing guidelines

Authorship, citation and affiliation guidelines Guidelines for authorship, citation and affiliation with respect to publishing research results.
WUR brand name and affiliations Guidelines for the correct and consistent use of the brand name in academic publications
Open access policy The WUR Open Access policy requires staff to publish open access, in accordance with terms and conditions as stated in the policy.

Norms and values

Code of Conduct for Research Integrity This code of conduct lays down the principles underlying scientific integrity: honesty, scrupulousness, transparency, independence and responsibility.
Integrity codes Webpage listing the codes and policies related to integrity at WUR.
Privacy Webpage listing the policy and guidelines regarding privacy at WUR.

Guides on supervision

WGS supervisor guide Guide for PhD supervisors at WU.
Guide for promotors Guide describing the responsibilities of promotors at WU.

Other documents

WUR organisation and policies Description of bodies and policies in place regarding research and the PhD programme withing WU.
Travel policy The WUR travel policy indicates the applicable situations for trips that employees and students of Wageningen University & Research take domestically and internationally in order to perform their work activities or as a part of their study programme.