Supervising PhD candidates

For a successful PhD project, the relation between a PhD candidate and supervisors is a key issue. As a graduate school, WASS is responsible for safeguarding the quality of supervision. The WASS Committee on Scientific Integrity, together with the WASS community, has developed eight basic principles for effective interaction between PhD candidates and their supervisors.

These principles are outlined in the Guide that can be found on this webpage. The Guide also describes the Wageningen University PhD procedures in more or less chronological order, especially for new supervisors in our Graduate School.

The Guide is not intended as a substitute of the official regulations such as the Doctoral Conferral Regulations or the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice.

Furthermore, this text shall be regarded as a dynamic document being subject to constant change according to the changing environment of Wageningen University. In case you have any suggestions or amendments, please feel free to contact the WASS Office (