WASS PhD Council

The PhD Council of the Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS) is a platform for all PhD candidates connected to the WASS. They represent PhD interests at the graduate school and other university levels, and help to build a community among all PhDs.

The WASS PhD Council represents and monitors the interests of the PhDs graduating at the WASS at various levels:

  • Graduate school level: the WASS Board
  • Department level: the WASS Education Committee
  • University level: the Wageningen PhD Council

Furthermore, members of the PhD Council advise, update and inform the WASS PhDs and the WASS committees on urgent and relevant matters. They also organise informal meetings and drinks such as the annual PhD Day and Career event.

All Events and Activities


Every year the WASS PhD Council offers WASS PhD's the opportunity to present their work.

Are you a WASS PhD? Would you like to have your paper reviewed and discussed by senior researchers? The WASS PhD Day is an in-house conference that creates these conditions for you.

Why should you as a PhD give a presentation at the WASS PhD Day?
• To discuss your work with other researchers and benefit from their feedback.
• To improve your paper, as it will be reviewed and discussed by two senior researchers who are experts in your field.
• To receive 1 ECTS for your TSP.

Are you a WUR Staff member, postdoc or PhD? And are you interested in learning more about the research of PhD's within the WASS Graduate School? Then you are also more than welcome to join the WASS PhD Day and engage in discussion with PhD's about their work.

The next WASS PhD Day will be organised on October 10, 2024.

If you have any suggestions or idea for a formal/informal activity, please contact us at phdcouncil.wass@wur.nl.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new PhD at WASS. What can the PhD Council do for me?

Welcome! When you start at WASS, we can provide you with an information package, with all kind of information such as TSP, housing, contact information. Please contact us if you would like to receive this package. We are also there for you if you have any other question about life in Wageningen or the PhD process, if you have an important issue that should be considered in university policies, or if you simply want to get in touch with your fellow PhDs.

How can I become a member of the WASS PhD Council?

If you are a PhD candidate at the Wageningen School of Social Sciences and interested in representing your fellow PhDs, then join us in the WASS PhD Council! Send us an email to phdcouncil.wass@wur.nl. We regularly have places available.

Also send us an email if you want to contribute to organising more parties, professional excursions, sport teams, PhD days or other interesting initiatives.

I have encountered some problems. Can the PhD Council help me?

If you encounter problems during your PhD programme, do not hesitate to contact us. We cannot solve all problems by ourselves, but we may be able to help you to find the right person. Send us an email if you have something on your mind or contact one of the PhD Council members.

How can I get in touch with the PhD Council?

Via email: phdcouncil.wass@wur.nl or by approaching one of our members in person (see on the right side of the page).

We are here for you!

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