Intercultural awareness

Working together in a culturally diverse team can bring challenges. Is a yes really a yes? Can you be sure that an agreement has been reached and that everyone is committed to it? Am I explicit enough or should I be a little less direct?

Why take this course?

This tailor-made course will give you knowledge and understanding of cultural aspects and the impact of your own actions and perceptions on communication and cooperation. With the aim of working together more efficiently and with greater pleasure.

You will learn to better understand how intercultural interaction works, why working together in an international setting often goes well, but can also lead to misunderstandings, irritation, uncertainty, and even conflict.

The course may cover issues such as unwritten cultural rules, diverse cultures versus the generally prevailing Dutch corporate and general culture, and cultural dimensions.

Tailor-made course

We tailor this course to organisations, departments and teams. By means of an intake, we first assess your needs and requirements. This helps us to work toward tailor-made solutions that really work, with a programme that is adapted to all involved.

The course is available on our premises, in-company, or online. A combination is also possible. The costs depend on your specific wishes. You will always receive a tailor-made quote.

    Are you interested?

    Would you like more information or are you interested in this course? Please don’t hesitate to contact our customised offerings department.