Groen Kennisnet milestone: 500,000th item in the knowledge bank

Published on
September 1, 2023

Last month, Groen Kennisnet added the half-millionth item to its knowledge bank. It is a brochure from the organisation Boerennatuur Vlaanderen. Groen Kennisnet offers the largest Dutch collection of up-to-date and reliable knowledge items for the agricultural, food and green domains.

Eight measures to sustain farming*

The half-millionth item in Groen Kennisnet, is a brochure in Dutch and is titled "Klimaatboeren, Goede praktijken voor landbouw, water & bodem". "We are very proud of this milestone", says Linda van Os, Manager of Groen Kennisnet. "It's a practical, innovative and overarching research item that appeals to the whole green domain."


The brochure offers farmers eight measures to sustain their farming practices and to make Belgian agriculture climate-robust. It helps farmers to choose the right measures to create sustainable water and soil management. Of course, this depends on the soil type a farmer has to work with - from the high sandy soils to the low valley soils. As such, the brochure also offers Dutch farmers advice.

How to use Groen Kennisnet

WUR students and researchers can use the Groen Kennisnet to stay informed about developments in their field, to search for research sources and to familiarise themselves with various professional journals. You can also use the calendar to keep up to date with scheduled webinars, practice and teaching days, or other activities in the green sector.

With news items per subject area, Groen Kennisnet highlights the latest resources. "You can use filters in the knowledge base to specifically search for items in your domain," says Van Os. You can filter on one or more sectors, on year, on type of learning resources, on language and on collection.

About Groen Kennisnet

Groen Kennisnet is the knowledge platform for the green sector. It offers the largest Dutch-language collection of professional information resources for the agrifood and green sector. WUR Library and Education and Student Affairs are responsible for developing and managing Groen Kennisnet.

Groen Kennisnet works with various publishers, higher education institutions and other organisations to make publicly available professional journal articles, research results, teaching materials, project results and other knowledge sources.

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    * This article was originally written in Dutch and published by Groen Kennisnet and has been adapted and translated into English by Puck van Oorsouw and Annemieke Sweere.