Digital Twins: Me, My Diet and I

“Me, My Diet and I” is a multidisciplinary WUR-funded project led by dr. ir Lydia Afman and is part of the Strategic Investment Theme “Digital Twins”, bridging the physical and the digital worlds.

Within this project, we work together with experts from several scientific disciplines, and contribute to new understanding on emerging data-driven innovations for healthy food consumption through personalised dietary advice. The overall project’s aim is the development of a personalized digital twin that predicts changes in the individual’s blood values and provides personal dietary advice with an App to manage these blood values and hence reduce cardiometabolic risk. The app will take into account the personal response to blood sugar, blood fat levels after a meal, and factors such behaviour and personal preferences to give personalised dietary advice.

Work Package

Within this project, the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group (MCB) leads the workpackage on consumer adoption and acceptance for personalised dietary advice. In this workpackage we investigate how consumers respond to personalised dietary advice and how personal preferences and advice features may play a role in adoption of the recommendations. Together with researchers from Wageningen Economic Research Institute, we will provide valuable insights into how an app for personal dietary advice can guide consumers towards healthier food choices.

People involved in this project