Inauguration Annemiek ter Heijne: 'Environmental Technologies for Circularity'

February 15, 2024

Professor of Environmental Technology, Annemiek ter Heijne, started her inaugural speech 'Environmental Technologies for Circularity', with the importance of connection. The connection with nature, with family and friends, as well as the connection with colleagues. In addition to the importance of mutual connectivity, she mentioned the importance of circularity. Looking together for solutions to reduce the increasing pressure on our planet.

Her Environmental Technology group focuses on combating the depletion of our natural resources and environmental pollution. The group does this by using natural processes for sustainable solutions. Processes in the air, water and soil. But also (the combination of) biological, chemical and physical processes, such as in microbial electrochemistry. It continues to fascinate her that you can use bacteria to clean wastewater and generate electricity at the same time. She gets her enthusiasm from the search for new directions for recovering valuable components from waste streams.

Annemiek ter Heijne_GuyAckermans.jpg

Yet Ter Heijne insists that technology alone is not sufficient, she strives to collaborate with others. So that the use of technology is part of a larger whole and is not seen as an isolated solution. With the aim of creating more well-being for everyone. Focusing on a good balance between private and work, daring to set priorities and paying attention to each other is essential in this.