BSc thesis BBN (PEN80812)

The BSc thesis offers the student the opportunity to carry out an individual scientific research in the field of Forest and Nature Conservation, thereby using the knowledge and skills acquired during the BSc programme. Under supervision of a lecturer you will write a research proposal, carry out the research, write the thesis and present and discuss the results at a plenary presentation session. The nature of the BSc thesis research varies widely from an experimental project, a data analysis project or a literature review project. Results will be reported by writing a scientific report or article, and by giving an oral presentation.

Before you can start with your BSc thesis you should make sure that you have met the admission requirements. You should have passed 102 credits of the common part and major of your BSc programme, including all credits of BSc-1. Before filling in the BSc thesis contract form, you need to check with the study adviser, Matthijs Kool or Pablo van Neste, if you meet the admission requirements. Their signature on the contract form confirms you are qualified to start the BSc thesis.

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