Soil Science cluster

With a vision of enabling more sustainable use and management of soil resources for improved quality of life and a resilient environment, the Soil Science cluster´s mission is to advance understanding of dynamic interactions between physical, biological and chemical soil properties and processes across a landscape continuum, and impacts of land use and management on soil quality and ecosystem functioning.

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Our aims

  • To be a world-leading academic group for high-impact research in the domain of our mission
  • To generate and openly communicate science-based knowledge on sustainable soil/land management that serves multiple stakeholders – from local to global
  • To provide a world-renowned platform for research development through a range of global knowledge networks and state of the art research facilities on-site
  • To further develop the skills of new and current soil scientists (particularly graduate and early career), who will further enhance our mission and our contribution world-wide.
Soil carbon management and climate change Nutrient cycling and contaminant mitigation Multifunctional land evaluation Biodiverse agroecosystems Soil-water interaction
Soil Science cluster: click the circles to see our research lines Soil Science cluster: click the circles to see our research lines

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