Facilities Light Microscopy

The light microscopy facility of Wageningen University & Research provides technical support and consultation in the area of light microscopy in the broadest sense and image analysis.

Wageningen Light Microscopy Centre (WLMC)
WLMC is located on the ground floor of the RADIX building in Wageningen and administered by the Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Biology. The centre provides microscopy and specimen preparation facilities for life imaging, biological, chemical, food and material science research. In addition, the centre offers necessary training and access to all microscopes and ancillary equipment to faculty, staff, and students of the Wageningen University & Research as well as external users.

The light microscopy centre is operated on a cost-recovery basis and fees are accessed for consumables, equipment use, and staff support. The following microscopes are operational at the Wageningen LM Center:

With this facility you obtain access to state of the art, fully operational, advanced microscopes, to facilitate your microscopy research.

We can advice/assist you in:

  • Design of the proper experimental set-up
  • Selection of the most appropriate microscope for your specific needs
  • Sample preparation to get maximal signal/noise and least imaging artifacts
  • Acquisition of data, such that they serve your needs and can be easily digitally processed.