META CLSM 510 confocal/optical trap

  • This Zeiss LSM 510-META 18 confocal laser scanning microscope consists of an Axiovert 200M equipped with DIC and with a range of excitation laser lines
    • Ar diode laser:  405 nm (30 mW)
    • Ar:   458, 477, 488, 514 nm (30 mW)
    • HeNe:   543 nm (1mW)
    • HeNe:   633 nm (5 mW)
  • Objectives on Axiovert 200M equipped with DIC
N NA Objective d (in mm) brand
100x 1.45 α - Plan Fluar 0.11 Zeiss
63x 1.4 Plan-Apochromat 0.19 Zeiss
40x 1.3 Plan-Neofluar 0.2 Zeiss
20x 0.5 Plan-Neofluar 2 Zeiss
10x 0.3 Plan-Neofluar 5.5 Zeiss
  • The META channel allows fluorescent emission fingerprinting to detect the full spectra of multiple fluorophores simultaneously, and discriminate various fluorescent molecules with overlapping spectra, thus excluding autofluorescence from specific signals.
  • An infrared (IR) Yag laser beam (1064 nm 3000mW CW, Spectra Physics) is used for optical trapping.  Control over the laser power, selecting up to 10 (time shared) trap position(s) and adjustment of z-focus of the IR laser beam is obtained with the user-friendly MMI Position Tools software. Quadrant Photo Detectors (Spectral Applied Research, Ontario, Canada) on a vibration free table are connected at the left side port and allow accurate position detection and force calibration.