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Gender & Diversity Studies

Gender Studies at Wageningen University & Research is an open space to develop and share knowledge in particular within the fields of food, agriculture, rural societies, rural environments and gender research. This space is meant to provide a coherent environment for cross disciplinary research on areas of international relevance, both practical and theoretical. Gender Studies is quintessentially interdisciplinary.

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Gender & Diversity Studies research is mainly done by gender studies experts in their own disciplines while integrating their approach into research or education with other colleagues, or in bigger gender studies research projects in which they cooperate on an interdisciplinary basis. To keep track of the research activities we list gender studies specific research initiatives as well as ones that integrate gender studies aspects.

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Minor and other education elements

The gender studies minor (WUGAS) has definitely run for the last time in 2015/2016.
We are still working on new elements; please also check the options for open courses, internships and thesis supervision!!!! Two courses of the minor are still given as part of other programms.

The BSc Minor Gender Studies Aspects of Sustainable Food Systems (WUGAS) prepared students to approach changes and pressing issues around food systems from an integrated bio-physical, economic, political, social and cultural perspective. It explicitly adds and integrates gender aspects in order to fully address sustainability and social justice as expressed in the Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals.

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